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The site owner here is a 'computer techy' grandmother and retired RN who absolutely fell in love with creating graphics, designing websites and marketing online.  Donna owns and operates several domains, and manages a domain registrar site ( as well as active websites in the marketing, graphics, beauty and health areas.  She is also a published author and an accomplished graphic artist (self taught & proud of it).

Donna has a heart for newbies, and still remembers the pain and frustration of trying to get started online.  That's why her products are especially helpful - because they address those needs and fulfill them perfectly.  You'll never feel lost with one of these guides, she made sure of that!

Donna is the author of a brand-new Total Newbie's Guide - just filled to the brim with tutorials directed toward the total and absolute online marketing want to be neophyte (or newbie).  Donna always uses very easy to understand language to explain things, plus pictures and videos to illustrate EVERYTHING the new entrepreneur needs to know to get his MRR or PLR products edited, add the necessary site and page information, order button and get his first product up and going online. You can even use this training to create your own first product!!

The exciting new training is quite a hit with people who had been burned with so-called newbie-friendly products that just did not deliver what they claimed to be delivering.  This tutorial is different, and thoroughly researched and tested to make sure that we DO deliver! We've also added videos to help 'cement' the training and reduce the learning curve a bit!

These tutorials are also priced to be extremely affordable even though many, many weeks of research, consultations, energy, labor and love went into every facet of these specialized training series manuals and videos.   When I put my name on something, it has to be as close to perfect as humanly possible. Click "Home" to check it out!

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My business is proud to be a Founding Member of  Chamber of Commerce - On the Web™ - Just click our member seal to the right to verify our business accreditation.  (When you arrive there, you will see that I've listed my business name as AdonnaUnlimited© because I am a person named Donna, someone with unlimited potential, just like you are - because really, we're all only limited by our own perceptions & mindsets.)  
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