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Whether you're a customer or thinking about becoming one, we're here to support you and answer your questions.  We appreciate your inquiries regarding our website and our products.

Our centralized help desk is here and the emails from there all go straight to my personal inbox and will be answered within a very short time (usually, unless you're somewhere that's awake when Floridians are sleeping:) My contact information (phone & mailing address) are available for the asking but when I post them online, it seems like every spammer and telemarketer in the world wants a piece of me!

If your email requires a response, expect it to be replied to within 24 - 48 hours (or less) because your mail is important to us!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your suggestions, comments, testimonials or questions. Note that a lot of your questions are answered on the FAQ page if you would like to visit that, the link is directly below.

Warmest regards,
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"The Total Newbie's Guide"

Our business is proud to be a Founding Member of  Chamber of Commerce - On the Web™ - Just click our member seal to the right to verify our business accreditation.  (When you arrive there, you will see that I've listed my business name as AdonnaUnlimited© because I am a person named Donna with unlimited potential, just like you are - because really, we're all only limited by our own perceptions & mindsets.)  

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