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Here are a few of the more frequent questions we receive from our site visitors that might help you decide if our training product & video tutorials for newbies product is something that's going to be 'just right' for your needs...

What if I am a complete, absolute new person who dearly and passionately wants to start my own online business but I have NO clue how to do any of the stuff I know I need to do?  Do you think your course could teach me?

It honestly doesn't matter how little or how much you know - because that's exactly why I designed this program exclusively for 'newbies'.  If, you can read, follow instructions, and you have a deep desire to learn everything involved in how to do this process so you can have a good chance at succeeding online, then YES, you CAN do it.  I created "The Total Newbie's Guide To MRR Editing" from scratch, step-by-step, from the standpoint of the student not knowing how to do *any* of the steps involved.  Plus, anywhere there was something that needed more clarification than the illustrated course manual could provide, I also made a companion video presentation to further assist the learning process.

What if I don't have the money to buy PDF software or FTP software or an HTML editor or any MRR products to resell right now?  I looked around at some of these products and they cost a small fortune!

That' s not a problem at all - inside this guide, we show you where to get everything you need for free, including the MRR products to resell if you don't have the money to invest in them because you're just getting started on a 'shoestring budget'.  We understand exactly how it feels to be starting out with very little funds, feeling confused and lost in a sea of information that's extremely daunting - that's why this course is 'drop-dead-simple' -  so we can help you achieve your goals!

I don't have a domain or a web host - is that going to be a problem for me?

No, it will not be a problem - you *could* use a free website service but it's not recommended because they do not look professional.  You can actually get a domain for around $8.95 or less per year (depending on the TLD - or the ending such as .com or .net) and reliable multiple-site  hosting for under $10/month - which is way less than any 'brick and mortar' business costs. 

Do you teach me in a way I can understand and actually be able to do it either while I'm learning or when I'm done studying your course & videos?

Yes! I teach you using words, illustrations with explanations on them and whenever needed for still more clarification, I also add video training to the mix.  I use simple English, and explain every term and abbreviation so you don't feel lost or wonder what a word or acronym means.  It's like you were sitting right beside me watching and learning how to do every single step you need to know to edit a MRR package and get it up on the internet to start selling with.  I leave nothing out, because I want to see you succeed!

What if I'm just a kid wanting to start my own online business?  Does age make a difference?

Our site does not market to children (anyone under the age of 18), so you'd need to send us proof of parental permission along with a phone number to verify them with because of the COPAA laws we abide by for your protection, but as far as understanding the concepts and the instructions inside our tutorial... if you can read and understand simple English, and follow simple directions step-by-step, you can succeed with this training product regardless of how old (or how young) you are.  Of course, you *do* need a computer, or at the very least, access to a computer until you can own one yourself.

Is this a project that I can complete in a single day?  I'm in a super-big hurry and I want instant results!

Some people could complete a project in a day, but that's assuming that the individual already knows how to do the majority of the steps involved in order to get a product website up on the net and completely ready for business.  I sincerely believe in allowing oneself a couple of days (at least) to really study the course, watch all of the videos and practice doing everything the correct way.  Investing some quality time is a lot better than simply expecting some kind of instant-fix for fulfilling your dreams of having an online business.  There honestly is no such thing as an instant business online or offline, regardless of what you've been fed before - it's pure BS.  It takes time, energy, a little bit of money, and a LOT of determination and drive.  But... once you learn the easy system I show you step-by-step in my course, you'll know exactly HOW to do this process, then yes, it CAN definitely be done in a single day.

Hopefully, these FAQs have helped you make a choice whether or not this program will be useful to you.  You can return to the main page and re-read everything about this product and the bonuses by clicking here.  

Or, if you KNOW you definitely want to order this product and get started building your new online business today, you can jump right to the order button by clicking here.

Either way, I wish you only success - both now and far into the future.

Thank you for your interest,

Donna Maher, Author & Graphic Artist

Our contact page link is below if you need any further information... and have a wonderful day!

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