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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - This page is exactly what it says... we answered our most received questions to help you decide if our TTNG product tutorial will serve your needs as a new marketer (works for expericnced ones, too) .

home page HOME PAGE:  This is the main page of our site where you can learn all about this brand new site and our outstanding product(s) designed exclusively for brand-new e-preneurs who want to get started with their own online business but need some real help.

About us ABOUT US:   Learn about our products, about who is behind them and what we can do for you and our experience on the net as well as some offline sales experience - all which will serve to enhance your experience with our products and services while helping to shorten your learning curves - because Donna Maher is truly "The Newbie's Guide".  

privacy policy PRIVACY:   Our policy is very basic and simple - we abide by the Golden Rule - so we treat you with the same respect and care that we wish to receive.  The full policy is available for your perusal at any time. We've added the latest FTC guidelines for 2014 regarding our compliance with the DNT (do not track) ordinances.

terms of use TERMS OF USE:  Every business web site needs terms and policies to abide by the FTC guidelines, and so we've included this agreement for those that enjoy reading pages full of legalese, as well as because we always like to comply with the law.

terms of use DISCLAIMER & TERMS OF USE-UPGRADED:  Since the FTC came out with their new guidelines, we wanted to update some of our documents so we've added more to remain in compliance and keep you updated and better informed.

terms of useINCOME DISCLAIMER:  More compliance documents for the FTC -- this one is just what it sounds like - we cannot guarantee anyone will make income from using our products because we don't know you or your dedication & work habits.

our contact info CONTACT US:  We're always here to serve our cherished customer family and if you are contemplating becoming one, we're happy to answer *your pre-ordering questions* too.  Click to get to our email contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP - we're around pretty much all the time (except when we sleep :)


My business is proud to be a Founding Member of  Chamber of Commerce - On the Web™ - Just click our member seal to the right to verify our business accreditation.  (When you arrive there, you will see that I've listed my business name as AdonnaUnlimited© because I am a person named Donna, someone with unlimited potential, just like you are - because really, we're all only limited by our own perceptions & mindsets.)  
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Our current product is "The Total Newbie's Guide" and you'll love what it can do for you - especially if you're totally new to online marketing and you desperately want to get your first product up and ready for selling. You will be able to do that quite easily once you put this information to work. Just click the link above to see what it can do for you!  We're working on upgrading it right now, and if you purchase today, you'll get ALL upgrades for free for a lifetime. We've also reduced the price by $40... for a limited time!
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