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"Let Me Show You How Easily YOU Can Get A Resale Rights Product Online & Ready For Making Money & How Easily It's All Done... Step-By-Step With My Personal Training & Videos!"

It doesn't matter what training products you've bought and tried before - THIS course will help you with every single thing you need to know and do in order to get your very first resale rights product up on the internet, all ready to promote & sell with!  And there's tons more that you'll receive today in this *private* offer...

From: Donna Maher - Author

Dear Internet Friend,

he very fact that you are here today is proof that you are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed with setting up your own online business website complete with products to sell and ways to promote it - all with free tools.

Whether you dream of supplementing your current income or replacing it - you need some 'basic training' in order to accomplish that goal.  What you don't need is a gigantic course that costs "only $1,997" like the major gurus price their stuff.  They act like that amount of money is just chump change.  Well, maybe it is... for THEM but it sure isn't for the rest of us.

Spending thousands of dollars is NOT what you and I need to beat this recession.  What you do need is an honest-to-goodness workable system that is repeatable and one that doesn't cost an arm or a leg or three month's mortgage to get you going in the direction of your dreams.

It doesn't matter WHAT you've bought or tried before, THIS course is different and it will show you everything, not just bits & pieces of what you need to know... because I share ALL of my knowledge and expertise with you!  That's a promise -- and I don't take promises lightly.

Is this training that you actually created yourself, with mostly new beginner marketers in mind?

This complete course was created from scratch and fully illustrated and written & edited by me until it felt "just right" (and I'm VERY perfectionistic by nature).  I spent countless hours in this product's creation in order to make it super-easy to follow so you can get your own home business up and going as quickly as possible.

So, I can assure you that it's not anyone else's 'rehashed product' - it's brand, spanking new training with a new perspective and written with a simplicity and ease of understanding that you'll appreciate.  

It has been created with care and attention to every little tiny detail,and it's filled with love, energy and a ginormous desire to help you achieve what you've been unable to do before - and that's to build a complete web business using free and low-cost tools.

I've even had it 'newbie-tested' by people who aren't web-savvy in order to make absolutely sure there was nothing confusing for a newbie and that  nothing was left out, so that regardless of your knowledge or expertise - you will be able to understand and put this simple, proven system to work in your own business.  All of it!

"But, Donna, I've Never Really Understood How To Do What It Takes To Create My Own Web Business..."

Even if you don't know the difference between MRR, RR or PLR, you will when you start this course, and more importantly, you'll know how to get your MRR (or PLR) product ready to market and you'll be able to have your own online business website set up, complete with a product that's ready for sales in a surprisingly short amount of time!

I'll even show you where you can get hundreds of these product packages for FREE.

A "MRR" product is a digital product (like an ebook or an audio or video product) that you have obtained the rights to resell to other people.  You cannot change the contents of MRR but you can resell them and make a nice profit by adding your own bundled bonuses to it.

A "PLR" product is also a digital product in a variety of formats but the difference is that you can actually change the contents to your own style, add more to it, and add your own name as the author!  Very cool.  You can also add resale rights to it (or not) as you desire.

The problem for most newbies is that they get the product and then get 'stuck' during some stage of the process, and  cannot do the rest of the step-by-step process involved in order to get their new rights product up on the web to profit with.

I've solved that problem for you forever
with this complete training product!  You won't need to buy any other product to teach you how to do this - it's ALL included in the PDF course materials and the adjunctive video tutorials I created especially with newbies in mind.

How Hard Is It Really Going To Be For Me To Learn From Your eCourse & Video Tutorials?

I made it as understandable, clear and easy to follow as I possibly could.  You only have to be able to read and comprehend English, and to be willing to spend some time actually DOING what I'm showing you with words, pictures and video.

Once you put this system in place you can do it over and over as often as you want to  without ever having to buy another course... and it gets easier every time. :)

Yes, it will involve some work on your part... it's not a 'get rich quick scheme' of any kind or sort... no lies or BS to deal with here.  It's a complete tutorial showing you everything involved in an actionable proven process, with logical steps to follow, it's a genuine business building effort, not a hobby.

But, as *unsexy* as all that may sound... once the rewards start coming in for you, it will be worth every bit of the time and effort you put into the beginnings of setting up your own online biz.  And... once you do it, it's easily repeatable anytime you desire!

And, this course will be much like me taking you by the hand, walking you through everything (and I even explain why you're doing what you're doing so the information will 'stick with you' better) and often you'll feel like you're sitting right beside me at my computer and learning as you're watching, reading or listening.

Many of us are visual learners (I know that I am) and for those of you who are, I've also filled this course with detailed screenshots that have explanations right on them, and fully illustrated anything that could even remotely have been misunderstood... and for some of the steps, I've even created in-depth videos that you can watch online anytime you want to, to reinforce what you're learning and make it super-easy for you to duplicate this proven system.

You'll get to read, watch, listen and learn in simple English while I make it interesting & fun for you!

I've also included where to find every single tool you need - and nope, you NEVER have to buy expensive products to get your business started.  I share the FREE resources I've discovered so that you will have no huge out-of-pocket startup costs for your brand-new online business.  You get a-z training for a pittance.

Believe me, I know how it feels to want something so badly you can almost taste it... and buying everything that even remotely sounds like it will answer your questions and get you going.  When I started with my dream, I spent so much money (thousands of dollars) it now makes me shudder when I think of it.  

I don't want you to ever have to suffer like that

So that's why I've created "The Total Newbie's Guide© To Building A Complete Web Business Using Free Content & Free Tools" because I know now, exactly, precisely, unequivocally HOW to do this, and I show you everything I know step-by-step, so you can do it all by yourself.  

No outside help will ever be needed!  It's all included in this very detailed, fully-illustrated guide!  I learned how to do it from a successful master marketer so you know it's hot!

There is no need to buy anything else, this is a complete product in and of itself, with nothing else needed except for downloading & installing the free software, all of which I show you exactly where & how to obtain, download and use.

You will no longer be in the dark about any of the process of having a product online - it's not magic, it's not mystical, it's all just a simple system designed for success that you'll have forever once you learn it because knowledge stays with you for life.

It may not BE magic, but this course is as close as you will ever come to experiencing magic with it's ease of use and my newbie-intuitive training methods!

By the time you complete the course, you will be able to set up your own MRR product reselling site from scratch - every single part of it.  

This is not a 'mini-site course' - I go far beyond those,  I will show you *exactly* how to set up your product(s) for sale, and how to add every single page on your site that you need to look completely professional and to comply with the FTC regulations, too.

You will be extremely proud and elated when you get that first business site up on the net - and especially because you will have done it all by yourself and save a fortune in outsourcing!  I can do this exact same kind of work for you for $397 here... but why not learn this easy, repeatable process yourself?

Don't worry, it's NOT hard to do, once you use this proven system.  That's what I'm sharing with you, my complete step-by-step easy to do system from beginning to end... and even including a few free traffic tips, because without traffic, the prettiest site on the web won't have very many (if any) visitors.
I want you to feel good whenever you use any of the products that I create. I literally fill them with my own energy, a lot of time & love, plus I carefully research and test them, so they ARE top quality and nothing less.  You will love this course and what it can do for you!

Using this exclusive newbie-oriented system training, you will feel like an expert in no time at all!

 Everything is made up of energy - and you can actually "feel" my personal energy & integrity as you read each page... as well as sense my passion for helping others.   It may sound weird to a few, but most people will totally understand what I'm saying.

I want you to succeed
, and that's exactly why I've put every ounce of my knowledge, power, skills and energy into this product so you CAN and you WILL succeed at doing this.  I show you the very same methods and resources I use and I don't hold back any secrets!

Sure, I may be creating more competition for myself by crafting this product, but hey... that's just good karma! Let's both get some truly great stuff up there on the web and together we can 'whup' those big over-wealthy 'fat cats' (and you know the ones I'm talking about) and show them all that we can do it, too!  

One of my absolute favorite sayings is: "Knowledge is power" and so that's what you're going to FEEL when you get your very first product actually up online and have a website that is exclusively yours and it's all ready for sales.

You're going to feel that power... and even more so than average, because you will know deep inside that you did it - all by yourself!

I cannot think of anything that feels better than having mastered something that has kicked your butt in the past, daunted you, or worse yet, made you feel stupid.

Newbies are not stupid, they're just 'new to a process' and most of us tend to resent things that make us feel that way... but you'll never experience that daunting feeling about editing & uploading those MRR or PLR products or about site creation ever again!

You will have the systematic process totally mastered by the time you complete this course!

That's another reason I created this product.  I wanted you to feel comfortable and relaxed while you're learning a valuable skill that will last you a lifetime.  I wanted you to feel empowered by your newfound knowledge... no matter what stage of marketing you may be starting from.

I also wanted to teach you compassionately, in the same caring way that I enjoy learning... so that you can savor that exquisite feeling of "I did it all by myself" that we felt as children when we mastered a task that had daunted us before... like riding a bicycle for the first time without the training wheels.

But what if I'm still working full-time at my job?

Another really cool thing is that if you're still working full time, you probably don't have huge blocks of free time, and that's yet another way this course will satisfy you... you get to learn it at YOUR pace, and choose which parts you wish to learn, and you can re-read (or re-watch) any parts of it as often as you need or want to.  

It's your 'baby' - you own it and you control the speed at which you learn and how quickly you want to get your first website up and running.  You'll have the keys to your own online business right at your fingertips... anytime you want to access it.

Ok, let's see what you're getting when you invest in yourself & your future today:

What You'll Receive Inside This Kick-Butt Package Created For "Newbies" Only:

A Complete Course explaining in vivid depth exactly HOW to edit MRR (Master Resell Rights) or PLR (Private Label Rights) packages and get them up on the web, ready to sell with, so you'll have your own home biz on the web just as fast as you possibly can!
A Fully-illustrated PDF manual with access to video tutorials wherever they are needed to clarify information.  The videos will be in a private vault with 24/7 access for you... and every now and then, I'll even add a surprise bonus inside there for you.
Where to find everything you need to do your site editing, get your product on the net, and how to create ALL of your other necessary site pages so you comply with FTC regulations & instill customer confidence at the same time with your professionalism.
Everything is explained so that you understand WHY you're doing each step, as well as how to use my easy-to-follow system to get your very first MRR or PLR product online and ready to sell!
 You'll also learn where to get a free contact form to add more professionality to your site rather than using just an email address on your page that will very likely just get 'spammed to death' anyway.
You'll not only look more professional, but you'll FEEL more professional by the time you get your new website up and running... I show you precisely how to do it... including the additional pages that belong on every serious businessperson's website!
This course takes you exactly where you want to go, and shows you everything you need to know to process a rights product reseller file (I even show you where to get still more quality products that you can resell or use for promotions - all of them absolutely FREE!)
 There is TONS MORE inside... and I make it as painless and as easy as humanly possible with my newbie-oriented, warm & friendly method of teaching.  I don't use much 'techie language' unless it's necessary - and when I do, I always fully explain it so you will then understand it, too.
What this product is NOT:  It is NOT a "complete newbie's guide to internet marketing", even though I've included the most important facets of marketing in the content and the bonuses. There are already enough of those gigantic, we-tell-it-all, packed with every facet known to man 'newbie IM courses' on the net!  You don't need them to get started!
What this product IS:  It is a VERY THOROUGH guide to help a brand-new marketer (you) take your PLR or MRR product & edit & process your salesletter and create all of the additional web pages you need for a professional-looking online business site so that you can be ready to take orders and start promoting your stuff right away.

And you will be able to do this - REGARDLESS of your experience (or lack of) because I have left nothing out of the same exact simple system that I use myself to create all of my niche business websites!  

You're going to LOVE this course...  because you will have your very own exclusive, beautiful little online business - all ready to promote, when it's all said and done!  

The best part is that you will have done it ALL BY YOURSELF!

Really, the only thing missing from this complete package is YOUR AMBITION... so if you don't have any desire to do a little bit of work to gain maximum potential back, then it's probably not for you, today or any other time.

But... if you do have a dream, and you've been frustrated by all the incomplete or high-priced and over-bloated information you've been spoon-fed in the past, then you are going to be totally & happily surprised when you start reading, watching and implementing my exclusive and completely original course right away!

But don't just take *my* word for it - look at what Erik Stafford had to say after I sent him the materials to review and critique for me...

Testimonial From Erik Stafford:

I spend a lot of time working with total beginners... and in my experience most products that claim to be “newbie-friendly” either assume that you already know some stuff, or they skip crucial steps.

Donna doesn’t do either of these things - her system is a complete A-Z solution for beginners.  It starts at ground zero, it doesn’t skip anything, and I give it my absolute highest endorsement.

Well done, Donna! You ROCK!            
                                             - Erik Stafford "The Faster Webmaster"

Since this is a digital gem (instead of a bulky, over-priced, physical product you'd have to WAIT days for)  you will get it immediately after your payment is validated and you can begin using it today if you wish.  You'll have it right there on your computer to use anytime you want and always 24/7 access to the private member's video training area, too!

Yes, you'll *also* get Donna's clear, to the point, helpful videos wherever more in-depth guidance is needed on any step she has also explained within the course itself.  You can watch them 24/7  anytime you want.

camtasia videos wherever needed

Do the video tutorials cost extra or are they included in my package with all the bonus items today?

I was actually advised by my trusted mentor to use my videos as an "upsell" (meaning they would cost you extra to be able to access them) but I wanted you to have EVERY possible opportunity to succeed without having to pay anything extra.  

And so,  even though these exclusive tutorial videos could easily have been separately charged, putting more money in my pocket, I went against his sage advice and instead,  I have included all of my extensive video training as part of your total package at no additional cost.

Go ahead and click the order button below and you'll be on your way to learning how to edit your MRR products successfully and create a professional business website in just a very few moments.  

I've priced "The Total Newbie's Guide© To Building A Complete Web Business Using Free Content & Free Tools" within the reach of just about any serious business-minded person who wants to get a digital product website up and running, looking professional and working exactly as it's supposed to.

This product may not be for you, though, if you still believe in some kind of magical, supernatural "instant success online" because there is NO SUCH THING.  If you want that, then you better 'Google it' and leave this page immediately, because it takes your effort, desire, and some determination and willingness to do whatever it takes in order to be successful.

Yes, it has the potential to do that, but only if you are willing to do what I'm showing you how to do,  and you continue your education by applying the rest of the information such as that which comes in the bonuses.

In other words,  you are willing to put in some of your own sweat equity just like any other serious, successful entrepreneur has done to make some really serious money online.  

There simply is no 'magic bullet' and if you believe that, you have been sucked in by some big, fat LIES!

If you believe there is a quick, instant way to making millions online, then you better just hang onto your 'day job' because you're not yet 'wired' for real online success as long as you believe that online success can be achieved with no effort whatsoever.  

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I wish someone had told me those exact words when I got started... it was a long uphill battle believing the 'BS-Meisters' (and yeah, although I don't like admitting it, I actually did believe their *hype* and their lies wayyyyy back then...).

With that said, now only the deadly serious folks should be left at this point... and it's YOU that I am so very willing to help.  Because YOU truly do understand that nothing in life worth having is effortless and you are passionately interested in learning the lifetime skills that have the power to make you money.

I promise it will be very much like you're sitting right here beside me, reading, watching and even like having your unspoken questions answered.  

Interestingly, it's because while I was creating this product, I couldn't resist the urge to add more and more *info morsels* throughout the course.  So, you'll get more than just the basics of editing MRR & PLR and site creation, you'll be learning quite a bit of marketing savvy, tricks and tips along the path, too!

Are you ready?  Are you willing to put in a little effort and make an investment in yourself and your future... then I urge you to go for it, right now, today.

Click the blue button below for instant access to:
"How To Create Your Own Online Business Using Existing Content & Free Tools"
(and all the cool *extra bonuses* as well!)

This in-depth, step-by-step tutorial with all the training videos & bonuses could easily sell
for $97 - $177 or even more, but if you order your copy today...

you will save 30% off the regular introductory price of $67  
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You'll have EVERYTHING at a discounted
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You'll gain Instant Access to your training package even if it's 3:00 AM!

When you click the order button you will be taken to ClickBank's secure SSL ordering site where you can order safely using a credit card OR pay with your PayPal account.  In fact, you don't even need to be a member of either one to take advantage of their outstanding order processing services.  For your information, if you use your credit card, it will show on your statement as being from '' rather than Donna Maher RN as it does on PayPal. :)

Remember, you'll be able to download the in-depth, illustrated PDF course and all of the Special Bonus Goodies immediately so you can start setting up your resale rights products success system right from your own computer, plus, if you should happen to have a slower internet connection, you won't have to spend hours downloading all of the videos, because you will gain private online access 24/7 to all the training videos that come with this package as well as any future bonus items for as long as you remain part of our customer family.

You also get my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
satisfaction guaranteed
If you are not 100% satisfied with this training product for any reason after giving it an honest try then just let me know within 60 days. If any section of the PDF doesn't explain something to your satisfaction and understanding, I'll rewrite it for you so you CAN put it to work successfully!  If any of my videos don't explain the concept presented so you understand and can apply it, I'll redo that video for you so that you DO understand what it's teaching!  I want you to succeed and I'll do my level best to see that this product is the BEST newbie instructional value on the web.  If all else fails then I’ll be happy to refund your payment in full. No questions asked. And, you can keep the course, with my compliments, but to be fair to the paying customers you will be annulling your access to any private customer areas where extra bonuses will be added from time to time.  And so, because I enjoy having a happy customer family & it's ALWAYS my primary goal,  I'm giving you the strongest guarantee in the business so that you risk nothing when you order today and receive this hefty, easy to follow, complete training package.  The things I'm teaching you how to do will give you all of the power and the knowledge and the tools you'll need (you only need to supply the desire) to make you back far more than you will have invested today.  You also have the solid ClickBank or Paypal 60-day guarantee, so you just can't lose!

Please don't wait... taking ACTION is a HUGE part of your success... while the old demon procrastination doesn't ever make you one thin dime.  Can you really afford to put off your desire and dreams of creating your own online product selling site?

And for goodness' sake,  don't ever let age be a barrier either, I was actually a proud grandmother before I ever got started doing business online... so yes, even we 'baby boomers' have much to give and share with any generation, as well as with our own... so scroll back on up to that blue button or click here! You'll be ever so glad that you did.

Yes, even though this extensive course all by itself is worth WAYYY more than I'm asking for it, you will *also get* some very helpful extra bonuses with your order today primarily because I wanted to go beyond that extra mile in helping you taste success:

Yes, you do get 'Bonus Goodies' and you can benefit from them in two ways...

The first way: you can use them all to LEARN more about marketing online AND then most of them you can resell, too  - so you actually have the potential to 'profit' from these bonus items in two equally great ways.   They will help you go beyond getting your product website up and ready to sell - they're designed to help you learn how to promote & sell & how to build your list, too!  :-)
bonus MRR package about list building
Your first bonus
relates to something EVERY serious marketer needs to know about, and that's building your list.  Without having a list, none of us can ever hope to earn a genuinely self-sustaining income on the net.

Study it and apply the principles and then you can edit it (now you'll know HOW to do that with my course!) and get it up on the net for resale, all by yourself.  :-)  It's actually both MRR & PLR - so you could actually sell it 'as is' or even better, use it to create your very own first product out of it!

Your second bonus
will help you learn a valuable skill that will help you in more ways than you may even possibly be able to imagine right now, even if you don't currently believe that you have any writing talent at all!  

And that skill is web copywriting, so I'm giving you "Copywriting For The Web" complete with MRR so you can also sell it yourself after you learn the principles contained inside!

Your third bonus will give you 50 PLR Articles to use in any of the following ways: 

Help you learn more about the business of marketing online (SEO, Ebay, Traffic, Blogging & Affiliate Mktg ) 

Give you some free extra content for your website, blog or even to use for creating your own products and it's "50 Internet Marketing Articles with PLR" packaged in a zip file.  

Because these articles are PLR instead of MRR, you can edit, change, rewrite, add-to, and use them for anything you want to create with them!

Your fourth bonus is a MRR product about your blog (yes, you will need your own blog at some point in time)  "5 Steps To A Profitable Blog" includes:
  • Finding A Profitable Niche For Your Blog
  • 7 Must-Have Plugins For More 'Google Love' 
  • Tweaks You Can Implement To Help Your Blog Prosper Instead Of Flounder
  • Smart Posting Tips To Help You Rank Better
  • 9 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog
  • And So Much More

You get the MRR!

You get the MRR!
Your fifth bonus is "The Web Marketers Traffic Course"  because knowing how to generate loads of traffic to a website can literally make or break your success online. That's why "The Web Marketers Traffic Course" is included as one of your special bonuses. You need traffic in order to get sales!

(The usual traffic info book is often 'sketchy' at best and doesn’t go into the same level of detail that The Web Marketers Traffic Course does.  Use it to your benefit & then you can resell it!)

Your sixth bonus is one of my own earlier creations: "20 Surefire Web Success Techniques"  and it's still selling on another site of mine but it contains valuable tips that every newbie (in fact, every marketer) needs.

This ebook is a concise course that will show you step by step how to get out of the mire of confusion, frustration and the heartbreaking inability to make sales. Put these tips to work for your business ASAP!

(Personal use only)

Your seventh bonus - Yep, gotta love those lucky sevens... when you reach the download area  - I'll have a couple more nifty ebook *surprise* bonuses bundled for you, and all of them are geared to help you advance your marketing skills even further!  

I think you'll be pleased with them, too.

My rationale for including all these extra bonuses is because you and I both know that simply getting a product online for sale is not *everything* that you (or anyone else) needs to do or know in order to succeed in the awesome way we all want to succeed.  Ultimately, as you gain more expertise and find more time, you know deep down in your heart that you also need to learn about the rest of 'tricks of the trade'.

We both know that all of those 'other things' take time to learn... and that's why you're getting some of the other 'basic building blocks' as an extra bonus today! Why? Because I do care about your success and I want your path to be as painless and productive as humanly possible without you having to buy a bunch of additional learning materials.

Remember, you are investing in yourself... and you are the absolute greatest asset you have in this beautiful life.  So go ahead and give yourself permission to succeed.  Visualize it, savor the thought of it, and then take action.

Yes! Donna - I want to take some positive ACTION & order right now!

I sincerely do look forward to hearing about your successes... because I know you'll ultimately have more than one. Once you have your very first product set up online, you will see how easy it is to do, and you'll be setting up many more of them - for creating some multiple streams of income, just like the 'big guys' do!

Who says the major 'gurus' have to be the only ones that get to taste success - we 'little guys & gals' can do it, too - we just needed the kind of guidance we couldn't find before today! And that's exactly why this *exclusive newbie-oriented tutorial* product and all those related bonus items was created in the first place - ALL just for you!

To your total and joyous success,
Donna Maher photo

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P.S.  If you're afraid you *may* not be able to do it, that's normal... but I promise you, that once you open the pages of my course and start reading, viewing the illustrations, watching the videos, you'll soon replace your fear with pure excitement... because you will know in your heart that you positively, absolutely CAN do this!  So, go ahead, and click the blue order button above & get started right away.  

P.P.S.  You will be so happy when you get your first site online... it's a feeling like none other! Take the chance on yourself!   Order with confidence.  No sweat, your satisfaction is 100% fully guaranteed for a full two months so the risk is ALL on me... but I believe in you, and in myself.

Another Happy Testimonial:

Thank you soooo much - I'll let you know the moment I get my site up and ready for business so I can also take advantage of your free one-way backlink!  Right now, I'm going back to re-watch your nifty videos... you won't believe how much you're helping me understand how to do this stuff - it used to be really impossible-feeling for me before I read your course.  Thanks for making it so easy to understand!"                  
Thanks again and again,
Kazza D - Gainesville, Fl. USA

P.P.P.S.  Go ahead - savor some online success... even just once, and you'll never want to go back to the mediocre! Imagine the respect and admiration you'll get from friends who used to tease you about making money on the internet.  (Yes, I had those giggling friends, too... and now I have their respect instead of being the brunt of their teasing, so scroll on back up and order this outstanding training for your future, or simply click here).

You'll never even look back.  :-)

P.P.P.P.S. Here's a final recap of what you're getting today in this HUGE package designed to help any total newbie to create a business website out of a MRR product (which you don't even need to purchase because I show you where to get dozens of them for free)... and get everything up on the net ready for promoting.  It's ALL inside, A-Z, step-by-step!

Yes, Donna! I definitely do want to order your course!

I've been struggling for such a long time to learn *exactly* what you're teaching and I just keep hitting roadblocks and snags until I was near tears or ready to give up on internet marketing completely... I know your course is going to open new doors for me!

I understand that I will get your amazing Newbie Business Creation Course AND your newbie-centric training videos at no additional charge and that this is a complete course that needs nothing else to accomplish the goal of having my own product(s) up on the net, ready for sales on a sweet little business website that's all mine.
I understand that I will be learning an actionable, repeatable process, step-by-step, and one that I can use over and over again to create as many sites as I want to, and that I will be able do it ALL by myself, without needing anyone else to help me.
I know you are *also* including certain special bonuses that I can use to further my marketing education AND that most of them also have MRR or PLR rights so I can resell them after I finish your course which will teach me how to do everything I need to do to get everything up on the web at the lowest possible cost.
I know that I owe it to myself to do whatever it takes to succeed online, and I promise I will devote my full attention and my best effort to your course because I know that nothing worth having is effortless or free and I further promise to never give up on myself or my dreams like I have in the past!
I'm so glad you have created your course in easy-to-master steps, allowing me to learn at my own pace!  I'm so weary from the information overload that has been weighing me down for so long... and this way I can keep my 'day' job until I'm ready to go full time online.
I am excited about learning how to create my own professional business website using free tools and even getting some MRR products that I don't have to buy.  I know you care about saving me money on my domain names and hosting, too, since you really seem to understand the aches and pains of building a business on a shoestring.  

Yes, I'm definitely ready to order now!

Go ahead... you already know you've wanted to have your own online business for a long, long time... and you can rest assured that this is the ONLY training you'll need, there's no further training to buy in order to be able to edit a MRR or PLR product page.

And you'll be able to effortlessly create all of your other accessory site pages to make a genuine small business website, and have the skills you need to get your first or your hundredth product up on the net, all ready to promote and sell and make you money!  

Invest in yourself & your future - ORDER T.T.N.G. Today!

I know you can do this because I have total confidence in the training course I have created especially for savvy 'total newbies' just like you.  Take a chance, ok?  It's completely risk-free and better yet, I believe that it's going to work for you - regardless of your experience level!

So, take advantage of me - go ahead and order "The Total Newbie's Guide© How To Create Your Own Online Business Using Existing Content & Free Tools"" right now, and you can get started as early as today on changing your future for the better!

I wish you success and happiness in all your endeavors and a ton of fun using my training, too.

May your life be full of joy, love & peace!

"The Total Newbie's Guide"


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Always remember - you CAN do anything you choose to do - if you never, ever give up.~
What are you waiting for?  Online success begins with the first step... learning how to get products online!

Let me welcome you to my satisfied T.T.N.G. customer family!

*EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Your results may vary. We make no claim that you will earn any income whatsoever using this product. Results are based on each individual's own personality, unique capabilities, desires, motivation, marketing knowledge, unique abilities and talents; therefore we can offer no assurance you will do as well as you'd like to. You must assume the risk that you may not earn any income from this product, although it's our sincerest wish for you that you are able to fare *very* well with it and achieve every goal you have set for yourself.

Testimonials and/or Affiliate Disclosure: Testimonialists Erik Stafford and Kazza D. did each receive a promotional copy of the product and access to the videos in order to facilitate his/her honest opinions of this product for their testimonials and Erik is also a marketing affiliate for The Total Newbie's Guide Product & Videos.
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